What My Clients Say

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D.S. December 2018
I have to tell you that, although I felt “Strangely confused” when you left, I woke up the following morning! I could`nt quite believe that i was in the same body as the night before!!
I felt “Strangely positive!” I tried to think of all the “Bad stuff” as usual. But it was as if my mind would`nt let me?! I start my music practise Etc, but instead of anxiety,frustration, and anger if I could`nt get things right, I simply said to myself”, “Ok, thats alright, I`ll leave it, do something else and come back to it!
My mind seemed “At peace” with the situation. I keep hearing myself say “I`m in control” in my mind as I go through the day. It`s very strange! But feels so good!
Anyway I could go on! But there would`nt be enough e.Mail space!
Thank you so much for what you`ve done. I cant tell you! after a lifetime of crap in my head!!!

Norma P. October 2018
Loss of confidence and anxiety
I have been amazed by how much better I am after seeing Frank for just one session. I got to the point where I couldn’t go out alone and got jumpy when the door bell rang or the phones rang. Now I am able to go anywhere I need to, even drive and I don’t break out in a sweat when the phones goes off. I am getting more and more back to my old self every week. Great work, thank you. I recommend this treatment to everyone I talk to.

Jeremy August 2018
I have to admit to a certain scepticism when we met, but with your help I have actually given up smoking after nearly forty years on the ‘weed’. It was well worth the fee, less than one week of cigarette smoking. Thank you for your help.

AD June 2018
Fear of Flying
You worked with my son to help him with his fear of flying. I am happy to say that we holidayed without any problems. Thank You

George January 2018
I saw you in October last year to help me stop smoking. I haven’t smoked since then so I think it is ok to say now that it worked. Thank you.

S.T. January 2018
Childhood Abuse
You will understand if I do not say too much if you intend putting this on your website. All I can say is a very big thankyou.

Judy M. July 2017
Self esteem
Thank you so much for your help. I really did feel after our sessions that I was getting back to my old self. I had lived with the pain and humiliation too long, I should have done it before.

Andrew Thacker March 2017
I haven’t smoked or wanted to since the session last week, so I won’t need the second session thanks.

Georgina February 2017
I liked being hypnotised it was the first time in years that I really relaxed properly. I wasn’t sure if you could help me but you really really did. Thank you.

Bryony F. 11/12/2016
I couldn’t go out anymore and my I was very unwell. I had been on anti depressants for nearly two years and I was no better. Then I decided to get Frank in. We had two sessions and I was a different woman. He said I didn’t need a third session but I asked for it anyway as I thought it would make me even better, I am so glad I tried it. I am still on the drugs but I feel I could start to come off them now. My experience was brilliant and I wanted to let everyone know.

L.C. and J.D. 14/9/2016
Subject: Smoking
We are both non smokers and are supporting each other. Very surprised how easy it is. Thank you

Clare P. 10/6/2016
Subject: Phobia
What a strange experience, but what a difference it made! It didn’t expect to feel so positive after and to be able to feel normal again. Thank you for coming to see me and for working the miracle.

Danni 24/4/2016
Fear of Flying
Haven’t been able to think of flying for years. You really made a difference and my holiday with the kids at half term was fabulous. I had a moment of hesitation in the airport but calmed myself and walked staright onto the plane. The flight was actually fun! Thank you from all the family. Danni

By J.L. 13/8/2015
Various issues
Frank is the consummate professional being reliable, friendly, genuinely caring, easy to talk to, supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable and experienced. I have received support from Frank for 2 separate issues; anxiety, nerves, being at a low ebb and being overwhelmed at the prospect of returning to work and normal life after an abusive relationship. Also for insecurity and jealousy issues when I later found a new and healthy relationship. Frank was able to patiently help adjust my thinking which had become skewed with scars from the past, Frank expertly equipped me with the tools and understanding to help myself through challenges going forward. Franks treatment set me free and changed my life for the better.

By David L. 15/7/15
Subject: Excessive drinking
Thank you for all your help. You were successful where the last man I used was not. I am happy to say that I have kicked the drink out of my life. It was a struggle for the first few days but I used the dial, the mantra and the button and they really helped. I enjoyed the storytelling. Thank you again. David

By Karen 18/5/15
Subject: Smoking
Amazing! I didn’t expect it to be so easy to give up, and only one session. Thank you.

By Lucy 28/4/15

Subject: Confidence

Thank you for helping me so comprehensively. I really do feel better and I am back at work. The problems are the same but my approach is different. Thank you.

By K 20/1/15

Subject: Private

You did it, thank you. I can tell you now I didn’t really expect it to work. I felt better after the first one and by the time we did the third one I knew that I was going to be alright. I am a convert.

By Dannielle 17/7/2014

Gr8. thanx. u r awesome. Much better now.

By: S.B

Subject: Exam nerves

Thank you for helping my son through is GCSEs. He thinks he has done alright considering how badly he felt before. We are waiting to see the results but whatever happens thank you for helping him.

By: David

Subject: Phobia about moths

Great. Now these little blighters don’t rule my life. I sometimes get a twinge of the old feelins but I don’t panic anymore and can have them in the same room without freaking. Thank you.

By: T. 25/5/2014

Subject : Weight Loss

I was able to phone and cancel the second appointment as I didn’t need it. It really worked for me. Anytime I think about eating wrongly I remember the red button you gave me and the desire goes away. When my husband is ready to give up smoking we’ll give you a ring. Thank you.

By: P. T. 23/4/2014

Subject: Dealing with anxiousness.

I wanted to write and say thank you for helping me change my life. I am a different man to what I was and I am coping well. You can put this on the site but please don’t give my full name.

By: Ros 1/4/2014

Subject: IBS

Hi Frank, I was talking to a friend about IBS and I realised it is nearly a year since you helped me and I have never written to you. It has been months since I had any of the panics about being out and having to find a toilet because I can keep my IBS under control now. I use the technique you taught me to calm the water and I still use the thought changing things as well. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you before, but thank you for all your help.

Love Ros.

By: Danni 10/2/2014

Subject: Weight

I have lost three stone and I am now at my target weight. Thankyou for helping me get there. I am a different person now. I eat different and I feel different. You have a real talent.

By: Graham 4/2/2014

Subject: Not Sleeping

I write to inform you that I am now back to my old, restful and lengthy sleep pattern. I did not expect to ever be someone who enjoys a good sleep pattern again. My thanks to you. It was a remarkable process.

By: Di 12/01/2014

Subject: Anxiety

Well, I am so much better. I was a bit doubtful but it worked really well for me. Thank you and I would tell anyone to give it a go. I was very anxious most of the time but I do feel so much better now.

By: Tony 12/12/2013

Subject: Life

Fear of life really I suppose you’d say but not anymore since we had the two sessions. I really did feel a difference and I keep on getting better and better. Im really glad I did it thanks.

By: Andy 3/10/2013

Subject: Alcoholism

Hi Frank

I have to say I was shocked when you used the word alcoholic but I know you were right. Thanks for getting me off the booze and all the support you gave me. There is life without wine and whiskey.

By: Jane 19/09/2013

Subject: Anxiety

So so so much better. I even went to a party without a hiccup. I never realised how simple it would be and regret that I waited so long. Thank you Frank.

By: Tom 11/09/2013

Subject: Smoking

It worked for me thanks. First two days were hard but it got better. I did all the things you suggested and now I am a ‘man who used to smoke’ just as you said.

By: Jean 24/08/2013

Subject: Overweight

Thank you for your help. It has been nearly five months now and I have lost the two stone (plus a bit) that I needed to. I feel so much better and my confidence has improved as I feel that I also look better. It may sound odd but I am even doing better at work now that I feel better about myself. Many, many thanks, and I tell everyone about you.

By: NG 17/07/2013

Subject: Not sleeping

I had a great nights sleep straight away and its been great ever since. Much thanks for your help.

By: Evelyn 15/06/2013

Subject: Anxiety

I am writing to tell you that I am feeling a good deal better. Since I saw you I have made some great strides forward in my work, and I am even enjoying some developments in my private life. You have done me so much good and I am so glad I took the decision to go through with it. Thank you so much, you have an amazing skill.

By: Anna 14/05/2013

Subject: Stress

I just wanted to say that I am feeling so much better thanks to you. I can’t say that my full confidence has returned but that doesn’t surprise me after all of it. I do go out more now and Im not scared to be seen or spoken to anymore. I think I am getting stronger all the time as if each time I go out and its ok I feel better about myself and the other people around me. Thank you for the time and trouble you gave me.

By: Josh 18/04/2013

Subject: smoking

YoH! I am a non smoker thanks mate. I would have paid more if you’d asked (to late now ha ha).

By: Julia T 07/03/2013

Subject: Weight loss

It started very slowly for me but then I noticed I was losing weight. I keep up with the things you taught me and it is working for me. At last I have found a weight loss thing that works. Thank you for your help you are a very clever man (ha ha). Serious thanks though.

By: Tracey 07/02/2013

Subject: Anxiety

You will remember how I was being scared to do anything unless it went wrong on me. I am so much better now. You gave me two sessions and now I feel so much better. I go out on my own, and take the kids out to. We have been to cinema and McDonalds. Every time I do it I feel better about it as if I know it will be ok. I am getting stronger each day like you said I woud. Thank you.

By: Dianne 21/12/2012

Subject: Anxiety

I wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better. I still use the things you taught me and they get me through. I have noticed that I need them less and less as I get stronger and stronger. Thank you. I have suggested that my friend get in touch with you so look out for her e-mail.

By: S 19/11/2012

Subject: Private

I am writing to tell you of how much better I am since our sessions. It is like going back ten years in my life and it has made a difference in some other areas of my life as well, if you know what I mean. I feel better about my self on the inside and so better about myself on the outside. You will be pleased to know that life is more fun again! If you keep this letter on the site please do not reveal my name. Thank you, S.

By: Debbie 04/11/2012

Subject: Fear of water

Hi Frank Thank you for all that you have done. I was really blown away just by how I could go into a trance like that. You found a cause that I had no idea had ever happened and now I can stand on the side of the river without any problem. Craig says we should go swimming at the pool and I think I could do that now. I might let him teach me to swim. Thank you, it was so worth it.

By: Rob P. 23/07/2012

Subject: Smoking

Fantastic, another lifelong smoker that you can add to your successes Frank. I did find it hard at first but I did what you said and the cravings were gone by day 3. I haven’t wanted one since and I can be with smokers without wanting one too. I said that mum would want you if it worked for me so she is going to call you when she gets back from holiday. Thanks again Frank, this has changed my life. Rob P.

By: Sophie 24/06/2012

Subject: Sleeping

just been thinking that its nearly two months since our session. I just don’t think about not sleeping anymore. Getting a good nights sleep is the norm now. Thank you for the session Frank. If you remember i wasn’t sure if it would work for me but it did. I wish I had phoned before. Thank you for the help.

By: MN 13/06/2012

Subject: Weight

Thanks for everything Frank. The weight is coming off now that i am changing how I eat. The second one for the drink is the one that I think has made a difference to my weight. I am feeling really good now that Iam not boozing everynight and I like the way i look better.

By: Colin 31/05/2012

Subject: Gambling Habit

Thank you Frank. It’s not been easy but thanks to you I can now see how life can be without gambling. My health has improved and I’m more relaxed. My wife can now enjoy a much happier and less stressful retirement.
We have passed on your details to others.
Best wishes.

By: Steve 09/04/2012

Subject: Giving up smoking

Nearly 4 months and I dont want a smoke. Just 1 session and I can now say I have definietly given up. Thanks Frank it really was easy after I had the time with you and I never even wanted one. I am telling everyone I know. Thanks.

By: Karen 26/03/2012

Subject: Self esteem

Hi Frank, This is a just a note to say thankyou. You have helped me to be a different person and I now feel like the person you said I could be. I am aplying for a job after so long of being out of work and I realy believe that things are going to change for me because of your help and the woman I have become. I feel like I did before it all happened and I don’t think Ill ever go back into that shell of mine. Thank you thankyou thankyou.

By: Justine 14/02/2012

Subject: Weight

Just a note to say thank you for your help. After years of struggling with my weight I have now lost more than a stone and a half. I feel better and I know I look better. I was amazed that you could do that with only one session. Thanks for everything.

By: Mike 02/02/2012

Subject: Public Speaking Anxiety

Dear Frank,
Just a quick note to thank you for your help. I am so pleased to get such a great result with only one session.
I have passed your number on to several friends who i hope will call and experience the benefit of your skills.

By: cathy 29/12/2011

Subject: drinking habit

Thank you Frank . I have not drunk for 3 weeks even though i have been to 3 parties since then! When i go out i drink fizzy water all night and taxi people home,I have really gone off drink! That was the best £50 i have ever spent! You have really helped me Frank thank you.

By: lucy c. 16/12/2011

Subject: smoking

I have not smoked since march with your help and i have not looked for one since thank you so much.

By: Emma 22/11/2011

Subject: needle phobia

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me Frank. You would not believe how well I coped with my hospital appt today, I don’t!
I’v gone from someone who couldn’t even talk about needles and had a panic attack just thinking about it to someone who walked into a treatment room, climbed onto the table and had a biopsy done without so much as a wobble!!
Thank you so much xxx

By: Andrew 17/11/2011

Subject: Smoking

Thank you so much for what you did for me. 13 years I smoked for and never went a day without it as I was too weak. Now I feel better than ever and nothing in this world will make me smoke again. You are a genius and worth every penny.

By: Kate 25/10/2011

Subject: Weight loss

Well well well. Lost 3 stone now since xmas and even when I have a weekend away I don’t put it back. Thank you and mum is still thinking about giving it a go.

By: Nicola 09/10/2011

Subject: Insomnia

Thank you for helping my father with his insomnia. It’s amazing what just one session can achieve for someone at their wits end with sleep depravation. And the best bit is he knows, should it happen again, help is just a phone call away.

By: Craig 31/05/2011

Subject: Flying

Frank, I never thought I’d be able to get on plane again but after just TWO sessions with you I was able to go on holiday to Florida without being concerned about the flight. Those who know me well would say I’d be the last person to have hypnotherapy and I had some doubts but Frank it worked for me. Before I met you I only needed to see a plane on the TV and my heart would race, now I have no worries about getting on a plane. Thanks Frank.