Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnotherapy – developing your athletic potential to the full.

It was always the case in the past that the therapist would concentrate on the skills that sports people did not possess in the hope that they could be learned. This was an attempt to encourage players to perform beyond their capacity and potential, and as such was doomed to failure.
My own approach, developed from a new vision created in the United States, is to focus on those areas in which individuals perceive that they currently perform below their potential, reversing the negative subconscious messages that reinforce failure. In this way athletes can be helped to achieve at those higher levels by utilising positive attitudes and highly motivational subconscious prompts, freeing them to exploit their potential to the full.
This new philosophy and practice has brought excellent results for individual athletes and sports people who have found themselves to be ‘off their game’. Once a problem is evident players can experience a fear that each time they attempt to perform that action it will go wrong. This encourages a pattern of negativity which programmes the subconscuious to expect failure, and then failure ineveiably occurs. My work aims to overcome these difficculties by ‘reprogramming’ the subconscious mind to provide a new expectation of success. Part of the process is to equip players with their own set of personal thought prompts to ensure that they are able to ‘nip in the bud’ any future negative thoughts that threaten to undermine their success.
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