Prices / Make a Booking
I regret that I have had to raise charges for the first time in 9 years. However, to help to redress the effects of the increase, I will no longer charge a contribution for travel, and I have reinstated the reduced charge for those on state pensions or benefits. In addition, I will discount the price of a therapy session by £5 for anyone employed directly by NHS.

Prices – Therapy

Sessions cost £55 (£45 for those who qualify for the reduced rate). Paid by cash or Paypal or direct bank transfer– Please ask for details. (Sorry But I can’t accept cheques now)

Most clients should expect to undergo no more than three sessions of therapy, and in some cases a single session is all that it takes. However, some treatments require more sessions.

Prices – Past Life Regression

Sessions start at £45 for a single subject, but get your friends involved and save money. 2 people regressed for £42 each, 3 people for £40 each or 4 people for £37 each

Naturally, each person will have their own private regression but we simply work from one person’s home.