No Price Rise Again

I have decided not to raise session prices again for 2018. I hope to be able to help more clients who would otherwise find therapy prohibitively expensive.

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Coming Soon

Coming soon will be a number of one-off therapy MP3 recordings for download. If you find yourself too busy to have me visit then perhaps one of these recordings will suit you. Watch this space for further news.

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Victims of Abuse

Many people have suffered some kind of abuse, physical, sexual or emotional, at some time in their life. This often has significant consequences for a person’s wellbeing, success and happiness. Hypnosis provides a range of effective tools to address and diminish the long term effects of abuse. You may wish to consider sessions to help cope with the aftermath of abuse, whatever form it took (or is taking) and however long ago it occurred.

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Anxiety, low self-esteem or loss of confidence

This problem seem to be very much on the increase, perhaps to do with modern lifestyles or even the current economic situation, I am not sure. Thankfully, hypnotherapy appears to have a significant contribution to make to easing this affliction. If you suffer with feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem or a loss of confidence, why not get in touch.

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Post session support

It is really important, following a session, for clients to practice any techniques offered and make use of suggested mantras etc. The session is a starting point for improvement and clients can take their improvement on by following the advice given.

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Cost of travelling

I have reduced travelling costs to most areas due to the recent fall in fuel prices.

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Getting the focus right

Some clients ask for help with particular problems which turn out to be a symptom of something else. For example, I recently worked with a client to overcome her anxiety of meeting new people, in fact her issue was about meeting and working with men, the root of which went back to a childhood encounter.
It is for this reason that I spend time at the beginning of a first session talking with clients about their issues and the background to them. I find this approach to be more useful than the battery of questions used by some therapists to establish client personality types.

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I have reduced most of the additional costs that I charge for travelling, to reflect generally lower fuel costs at the present time.

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Practising Techniques and Strategies

Hypnotherapy should not be seen as an instant cure. Rather, hypnotherapy enables clients to develop their own strategies for improvement which they use over time to strengthen their own thought processes. For this reason it is essential to continue to practice the techniques provided by the therapist even once the symptoms have begun to subside.

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A New Year 2016

I would like to wish a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016 to all my clients past, present and future.

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